Dear Music Teachers

This COVID pandemic has affected everyone of us, you as a teacher as well as you pupil’s parents. The Music Academy therefore would like to extend a helping hand to teachers by offering this promotion. For every 3 publications that is bought and paid for, The Academy will include a 4th publication for FREE. This publication can be offered to any of you pupils that can’t afford to pay for it. Please see the advertisement below. For more information please contact us at or visit our webpage at to download the new 2021 publication order form. Please note that terms & conditions apply.

Musical Greetings
The Music Academy

Die 2021 bestelvorm vir die publikasies sal vanaf 1 Januarie 2021 hier onderaan beskikbaar wees om afgelaai te kan word in PDF formaat.

Aanpassing ten opsigte van sillabusse word tans aangebring. Die hersiende publikasies sal vanaf 15 Jan 2021 beskikbaar wees.

Publikasie Bestelvorm